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What would it be worth to you... to have simple tools to reduce your weight and maintain a healthier more fit body permanently?


It's a fact that...

Obesity is a threat to our health...

Diets alone don't work!  Even diets and exercise don't work for everyone...

Obesity is at an epidemic level...

Are you tired of the yoyo effect of diets?  Do you commit to exercise and diets and lose interest almost before you get started?

If this sounds like you than maybe it's time for you to learn how to tap into the real reason you can't seem to lose those extra pounds.

This is your opportunity to uncover the real you in a safe place, to join with me as I share my secrets for maintaining a healthy weight.

"7 Steps to Releasing Excess Weight"

Fall is just around the corner wouldn't it be great to be able to loss the excess weight before the holidays and learn how to keep in off during the holidays?

Join me, Krystalya Marie', to learn how you can connect to the real cause of your weight problems and stop the cycle NOW!


If you are looking for a silver bullet for losing weight...

An instant weight loss pill...

Or a magic potion that will shed your pounds permanently...

Then, this class is probably not for you!


But, if you are looking for something that will change your life forever and if you seriously want to lose weight permanently then...

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Just $247 for 10 - 90 minute downloadable audio recordings and over 45 power symbols to help you release that excess weight!

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Join me, Krystalya Marie', as I guide you through an in depth exploration of the various root causes to obesity and I share with you my special symbols for releasing excess weight, overcoming sugar cravings and processes to make permanent changes during this interactive 10 week downloadable audio program called...


"7 Steps to
Releasing Excess

I want to Start Losing Weight Now!
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In this class you will learn how to monitor your body... by listening to its needs...

How to release sugar cravings just by wearing one symbol during times of stress or when you will be somewhere with great temptation.

During this 10 week course you will:

Be guided on an in depth exploration of how your energy affects your weight!

Discover how to identify the core beliefs that are making you overweight!

Learn how you can change those beliefs into strong supportive beliefs in just one brief session!

Discover how to stay in-tune with your body and give it what it wants to support it through the weight loss and to maintain it in a healthy way
Learn how to control your sugar cravings and be able to walk through a decadent fudge shop and leave without even having the desire to buy anything


Ask yourself….. 

How much time and money have you spent  on yoyo diets that didn't work?
How many commitments have you made to exercise and diet that you haven't kept?
What is truly blocking you from being as slender as you desire to be?
What is keeping you from being as healthy as you desire?
What would you do if you were slimmer and healthier?

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I lost my desire for snacks immediately

During a session with Krystalya Marie' I asked her if she had a Weight Loss symbol.  She shared her Weight & Fat Release symbol with me and walked me through a brief process for identifying what was keeping me overweight.

The following week I immediately noticed a shift in my desire to eat snacks and things I  previously couldn't stop eating.  These symbols are really powerful. 



And what if you could…

Loss the excess weight and keep it off?
Cut down on your junk food and put some extra money away to treat yourself to something special?
Stop spending money on diets programs that don't work?
Create the image you desire and fall in love with yourself and what you look like?
Stop cravings in their tracks instantly?
Overcome illness more quickly and easily than you ever dreamed possible?
Have symbols and techniques you can reuse as often as you need to forever?


I Lost 30 pounds the first month...

Thank you for sharing your powerful symbols and healing work.  The weight release symbol and the simple release processes that you walked me through took no time at all.  The best part is I lost 30 pound over the next month, without even using the symbols or processes again. 

John Beno
Farmington, Michigan


And if you gave yourself the gift of releasing your excess weight...

Energetically support and maintain a healthy body
Make a one time purchase that will last a lifetime
Support your body even when new issues come up before they manifest into weight gain.


I'm Ready Now To Start Losing Weight!
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Here's what you can expect when you purchase this downloadable program:

Simply processes for releasing the underlying emotional cause that is keeping you from losing weight
Learn a simple process that gets affirmations to really work!
Learn how to write more powerful affirmations
Review and feedback of one set of personal affirmations
More than 45 Symbols specific to weight loss, such as weight & fat release, increased metabolism, release sugar cravings, a variety of detox symbols and symbols for processing the emotional causes related to excess weight


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Just $247


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P.S.  If you want to lose those extra pounds, whether 5 or 100...

You must order the "7 Steps to Releasing Excess Weight" program NOW!


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