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From:  Krystalya Marie'
            Sedona, AZ


Dear Health and Body Care Provider,

Do you help sick people and struggle to stay healthy yourself

Are you having troubles getting started or are you unable to move through life smoothly? 

In 2003 after nearly delivering a friends baby I was gifted with the opportunity to observe what many health practitioners do everyday and as I watched I noticed that they give so much without regard to their own health in many cases. 

As you give more and more, do you realize that frequently your energy begins to shutdown and becomes blocked, suddenly causing your body to run as badly as a car that is missing a spark plug?

Sometimes when working with a client do you later feel like they sucked the energy right out of you?  Or do you feel as though your life is a constant bumpy road?

If you could use a simple one-minute process that would return your energy back to normal...  What would that be worth to you?

Is your immune system as strong & healthy as you'd like or have you become more susceptible to illness because you are run down from helping others?

 If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above than, the 'One-Minute Energy Tune-Up ~ Power Symbols for Health & Body Care Providers' could be the answer to help keep you healthier even during the most challenging times.

Are One or More of These Challenges
Your Life or Your Health?


Weakened Immune System

Drained Energy


Lack of Time for Taking Care of Yourself
Problems from breathing Chemical Fumes
Inability to Recognize Intuitive Guidance


If you answered yes to one or more of the issues listed above...

If you would like to stay healthier

If you would like to have a stronger immune system

If you would like to maintain a high level of energy throughout your day...

If you would like to have all of this and more in just one minute - than the 'One-Minute Energy Tune-Up ~ Power Symbols for Health & Body Care Providers' is for you.


These symbols are incredible!  After having such great results healing my back and stopping a cold with the symbols, I use them regularly now.  I dont know exactly how they work.  I just know that they do and that is good enough for me.

 ~ Misa Hopkins, Soul Purpose Coaching, Sedona, AZ


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Chakra Opening & Balancing Meditation by "Krystalya Marie'"  Downloadable MP3s (Value $20.00)

Krystalya Marie' guides you through a simple meditation for opening & balancing your chakras.

Dr. Tianna Conte N.D.  - Manifest Your Desires with Ease  (Value:  $200.00)


Enjoy the Power of Quantum Technology to Energize your Desires.  Send a picture of yourself along with your intention to experience this effortless release of stress and energy imbalances.


One-Minute Energy Tune-up ~~ Power Symbols for Health & Body Care Providers by Krystalya Marie' ~ Buy the Electronically downloadable Healing Kit today for only $127.00 US Includes full color images of all of the symbols.  Download the symbols and print them as often as you want new copies (for personal use only - all work is copyrighted). To order this healing kit, Go Here Now! 

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"I would love to pass on that the symbol you gave me for  my cough was very helpful to me last fall while I was visiting in Colorado!  As you know, I had a really deep bronchial cough, and was keeping everyone in the cabin awake with it.  You gently pressed the cough symbol into my palm and I  fell asleep with it there.  As long as I was holding it, I did not cough.  I woke up once coughing very hard an realized I had lost it.  As soon as I found it and held on to it, I fell asleep with no coughing once more.  Your symbols really do seem to work!  Thanks again for all your work, Krystalya."


          ~ Marilyn Sieckmann, Prescott, AZ

In this healing kit Krystalya shares...

The Power Symbols for Health & Body Care  Providers Healing Kit includes tools for balancing your bodies energy; creating more loving and trusting relationships with everyone you meet; energy protection and grounding.  The kit includes the following symbols healing symbols.

Chakra Opening & Balancing
Love & Trust
Protecting Your Power Balanced in Love
Grounded & Protected in Love
Heart Chakra
Heart Center Connection between Mother & Baby
Total & Complete Love
Angel of Self Care & Nurturing
Connection to Source
Trusting Your God Given Power
Auric Cleanse
Ribbon for healing
Cold Prevention & Relief
Immune System Booster & Support
General Infection
Chemical Fume Elimination
Courage & Power
Life Purpose


The healing kit comes with a set of symbols downloadable for printing in full color.  Print them as often as you want (for personal use only -all work is copyrighted). Only $127 - includes $220 in bonuses

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If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied
within 90 days
I will give you a full refund.


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PS. Order Your Healing Kit "One-Minute Energy Tune-up ~'Power Symbols for Health & Body Care Providers" and receive free bonuses worth $220.00.  Remember you will receive a full color set of the images that you will be able to print as often as you desire (for personal use only - all work is copyrighted).

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