Discover the Power of

Your Very Own

"Personal Power Symbol"




Would you like to increase your power by tapping into the energy of your very own personal power.  Increase your energy, get more focus and clarity, passion and purpose all anchored into a power symbol that you can keep in your pocket or hang on the wall.


For a limited time only, Krystalya Marie' is offering personal power symbols.  This symbol is unique to you and your energy and is therefore a one-of-a-kind. 


All you need to provide Krystalya with is:  1) Your Full Birth Name; 2) Your Full Current Name; 3) Birth date; 4) Birthplace; 5) Current place you are living;
6) 1-2 paragraph of what you desire to achieve/create during the remainder of this life time.


Each symbol comes with

  1. A message from spirit channeled through Krystalya, especially for you.

  2. 8" x 8" Stretched Canvas print of the symbol suitable for hanging on the wall.

  3. A deck of 54, 3" round  plastic coated cards with your personal power symbol on both sides of the card.

You will also receive a PDF document that contains the image in the same sizes as above for reprint as often as you want. 


All of this for only $500.00.                                      Buy Now!

Due to the fact that this is a custom image, please allow 1 week to receive the PDF of your image, along with the message from spirit. Additional time will be required to receive the Canvas and Deck of Cards, as they too are custom ordered and produced and shipped to you. We will communicate with you during this process to keep you abreast of any updates.



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