Do You Love To Travel ~ but Suffer from...

Jet Lag ~ Ear Aches ~ Nausea ~

 Depleted Energy or Edema (swelling)?


Discover a Secret way to easily avoid experiencing any of these problems!

When you travel do you feel like your energy is running about as smoothly as a car with 1/2 of it's spark plugs missing? 

Would you like to have a secret method that you can learn in just a few minutes and use in less than a minute to balance your energy?

Would you like to arrive at your destination without Jet Lag?

"I have traveled several times with my infant and I always use the travel kit symbols to help keep my baby and me healthy.  I am especially concerned about my baby's ears and have found the inner ear symbol very helpful.  While other children are screaming and crying during ascent and descent my child is always happy and smiling. In fact many people have come up to me after the flight and said that they did not even know there was a baby sitting near them, because he was so good on the plane."

~ ~ Sharon Shapiro - Sedona, Arizona

Would you like to build your immune system, using a simple technique in just seconds per day so that you don't pick up a bug while traveling?

If you could hold something in your hand that would help to keep your ears from experiencing pain and pressure during ascent and descent would that be helpful to you?

Self Empowered Healing
Krystalya Marie's Story

Sharon04Through many years of work to heal myself I have learned that the most important part of the healing process is the belief that anything is possible.

In 2002 when this work first started coming to me it was not surprising that the first symbol I received is known as Love & Trust.

I utilized this symbol while writing my book 'One-Minute Energy Tune-Up ~Power Symbols for Balanced and Energy' as well as throughout the process of receiving the various symbols. Whenever I felt any doubts about the work I returned to this symbol and was reminded that I needed to trust that God is with me in creating this work and that God Loves me.

Shortly after being shown these first symbols I was guided to use a symbol to remove a lump from my breast. The work was so powerful that the lump was gone within 24 hours.

Since that time I have balanced my hormones, got rid of a bladder infection, pulled myself through an appendix attack, cured a major yeast and candida infection. I also brought my red and white blood cells back to normal shortly after a Live Cell blood test result that indicated the possibility of cancer, balanced my thyroid and was able to get off of my thyroid medication that I had been taking since I was 18.

I have developed a Travel Kit that I  personally tested for the past two years, while flying more that 100,000 miles.  I have remained healthy and have avoided nausea during some very turbulent flights, avoided ear aches and recently traveled to Australia and back home without any JET LAG.


"I have always had a rough time riding in the back seat of the car because of motion sickness.  I recently had to ride in the back seat of a friends car for more than 2 hours.   When I began to feel ill my friend gave me Krystalya's 'Nausea Symbol' and my motion sickness immediately stopped and did not come back during the remainder of the drive."

~ ~ Vallaeia Springs, Oregon

How The Symbols Work

The human body like everything else on this planet is made up of energy. Although it appears solid, because of the density of the energy, it is still only energy. When the body becomes unhealthy the energy system is out of balance. It is as though a portion of the persons total energy string is missing. The symbols are also energy and each one vibrates at a different frequency. When the vibrational energy of the symbol is absorbed into the body it fills in the missing energy.

The One-Minute Energy Tune-up ~
Healthy Jet-Lag Free Travel Kit includes:

Jet Lag - alleviates the effects of time change

Deep Vein Thrombosis - helps prevent deep vein thrombosis or if you get deep vein      thrombosis it can be used to help along with other medical treatment

Edema - helps to prevent swelling of the legs and ankles

Hydration - helps the body stay hydrated

Inner Ear - helps balance the inner ear alleviates pressure during ascent and descent

Nausea Relief - alleviate motion sickness problems

Immune System Builder - helps the immune system fight off bugs that you may pick up

Pineal Gland - for production of Melatonin to assist in alleviating Jet Lag

Water Purification - purifies your drinking water

Air Purification & Oxygenation - helps clean and oxygenate the air you are breathing

Chemical Fume Elimination - helps the body eliminate the effects of chemical fumes

Chakra Opening & Balancing - balances the body's energy for a overall energy tune-up

Microwave Energy Protection - protects you energy from microwave frequencies

Xray Protection - protect you & products you carry that are sensitive to Xray energy

Electromagnetic frequency protection - protection from EMFs

and more



"I love using the air purification and oxygenation symbol, the chemical fume elimination symbol, the immune builder and especially the water purification symbol when I travel.  These symbols help me to stay healthy and enjoy my travels without worrying about the drinking water, the air quality on public transportation, and in cities all over the world."

~ ~ Joanne, New York


 You Will Also Receive the following Bonus!


Chakra Opening & Balancing Meditation by "Krystalya Marie'"  Downloadable Mp3 (Value $20.00)


Get Rid of Jet Lag, Inner Ear Problems and More!

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'One-Minute Energy Tune-Up ~ Travel Kit'   

The kit includes all of the following symbols along with an eBook that explains how to use each of the symbols!

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Jet Lag

Deep Vein Thrombosis



Inner Ear

Nausea Relief

Chakra Opening & Balancing

Water Purification

Immune System Builder

Air Purification & Oxygenation

Chemical Fume Elimination

Pineal Gland

Electromagnetic Energy Protection

Xray Protection

Microwave Protection

High Energy

Straight Path to Core Beliefs

Belief Transformation

Love & Trust

Releasing Fears

You will receive the entire kit via email, with instructions on how to download the symbols and the special report.


"Listen to what Ariann Thomas has to say about using the Travel Kit during two different trips..."




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